Dwa spojrzenia wstecz. Komunizm w rumuńskiej refleksji filmowej

Bartnicka, Iwona

The Romanian cinema of the recent years in a peculiar way attempts to take account with the Ceausescu authorities and the communist reality. The directors of the Romanian Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) place the suspended, viagra sale the lost in the totalitarian system, health in the limelight. By means of presenting an analysis of two films ? The Death of Mr Lazărescu (director Cristi Puiu) and 12:08 East of Bucharest (Corneliu Porumboiu) the article characterises the attitudes of the makers towards the recent past. The author points to the fact that the communist regime and trauma is, first and foremost, present in everyday life of the characters and their psyche. She underscores that the Romanian directors tell about the critical period of history through the prism of the individual and his/hers personal dramas. The brief analysis of the above mentioned films is an attempt at defining the aesthetics of the Romanian cinema of the historical revision and describing the cinematic picture of the reality of the regime.

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