Comparisons, n°6/2009

# Article Title Author
1. Contents
2. Humanism, Philology and Imperialism
3. East-West Studies in the Context of Contemporary Comparative Studies
4. Francophone Postcolonialism from Eastern Europe
5. A Postcolonial Age or Postcolonial East and Central Europe?
6. We and They, the Own Kind and the Other. the Balkans of 20th Century from the Colonial and Postcolonial Perspective
7. Colonized Poland, Orientalized Poland: Postcolonial Theory toward the "Other Europe"
8. On the Margin of Postcolonial Lectures in the Relationship between Polish and Czech Literature
9. Postmodern postcolonialism in Slovak Literature
10. Post)colonial Cities of Central Europe
11. The Province in the Most Recent Polish and German Literature and in the Contemporary Polish and German Literary Criticism
12. “Entangled in Violence”. Žensko Pismo – Emancipatory and Critical Discourse from the Postcolonial Perspective
13. Woman’s Issues in Czech-Slovak Film Reflection after 1989
14. The Colonial Dancer in Orgia of Lesya Ukrainka
15. Deconstruction of Polishness and Germaness. Rudnicki and Załuski
16. In Search of a Polish-Ukrainian Dialogue: Conditions and Public-Level Talks from 1946 untill 1989
17. Social and Cultural Relationships between Poland and Georgia in XV–XVIIIth C
18. The Great Idea and Reestablishing of National Unity and Identity of Greeks
19. From Identity to Sobornost`. Some Remarks Resulting from the Discussion on the Bielorussian Identity
20. From Subaltern Studies to Provincializing Europe: Some Postocolonial Remarks on History
21. Two Central-East European Mentalities from the Point of View of the State
22. Reviews
23. Discussions, Overviews
24. Authors of „Porównania”