Deconstruction of Polishness and Germaness. Rudnicki and Załuski

Dąbrowski, Mieczysław

The text takes up an issue of deconstruction of paradigmatic versions of “colonized Pole” and „bad German”, which has been established in Polish literature and social discourse, especially during the period of the Partitions of Poland and the Second World War. It meant the development of the „hard” model of Polish patriotism, which started to collapse during the period of the „Solidarity” emigration. Rudnicki and Za uski are writers, who found themselves in German together with this influx. Their texts take up the discussion with the paradigms of both Germaness and Polishness in their traditional versions, trying to find levels (apatriotic discourse, language, existence), which could weaken difficult historical experiences.

ISSN: 1733-165X

ISSN: 1733-165X
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