Comparisons, n°7/2010

# Article Title Author
1. Contents
2. The Politics of Historical Interpretation. Discipline and De-Sublimation
3. How to Write the History of Central and Eastern Europe? An Answer to the Questionnaire
4. What History Central Europe Needs? A Chances of the Oral History
5. Ideology as Literature. Polish Literature in a European Handbook (on the Examples of Literatures of Europe. History of the European Literature) By A. Benoit-Dusausoy and G. Fontaine)
6. An Irresistible Temptation to Synthesise Czech Literature or “Neodepřený Pokus o Syntézu České Literatury”
7. The History of Literature vs. Contemporary Czech Literary Studies
8. Czech-Polish Literary Context (1970–1979)
9. New Literary Histories of Balkan Literatures. Regaining the Lost Tradition
10. Is It Worth to Write the History of Central and Eastern European Cinema?
11. Among Sources of Film to the History of Socialist Poland
12. Bitter-Sweet Reminiscences of János Kádár’s “Soft Dictatorship” in the Hungarian Cinema
13. Kitsch – the New Language of Metaculture. What Does Modern Ukrainian Kitsch Signify in the Era of Globalization?
14. Ukrainian Production Novel as a Product of Socialist Realist Popular Culture. Postmodern Perspective
15. Communism in Bibliographic Scientific Databases
16. Operation of Alchemical Writing – about Michael Sendivogius’ Treaties
17. Reviews
18. Descriptions, Discussions
19. Authors of „Porównania”