Comparisons, n°19/2016

# Article Title Author
1. Contents
2. Two Myths and Two Cultural Formations (in Comparison)
3. A Comparatist Perspective in Intercultural Research and Imagology
4. In the Librettos of J. Ch. Chmelenský and K. želenský ("Image of the Neighbour" in the 19th Century Czecho-Slovak Cultural Relations)
5. Paul Gaugin and Victor Segalen. Aesthetic of Diversity between Writing and Painting
6. Hegemon as Idol. A Theoretical Proposal
7. Reflections of Paris in some French and Polish Novels of the Second Half of the XIXth Century
8. Freedom under the Key. Models of Discipline and Punishment of Masculinity in the Novels by Jean Genette and David Albahari
9. "The Age of Disguise" in Peter Ackroyd’s Historical Novels
10. The Scarlet Clown or about Mimicry and Strategies ud Un/Covering Totalitarianism
11. The Inconsonable Memories. On Strategies of Commemorating Practises in Serbia and Croatia (Jasenovac, Bleiburg, Belgrade’s Sajmište)
12. The Subordinated of Tomorrow. Croatian Dystopian Prose in the Postcolonial Approach
13. Grzegorz Wasowski in Wonderland: A Translator and a Magican
14. "Alice in Nightmareland" - American McGee’s Alice and Alice Madness Returns Games as Gloomy Interpretations of Lewis Carroll’s Works
15. s Alice Needed by any Flowers? Alice is Needed by Flower Power! Transformations of Alice in Wonderland by the Counterculture of the 60s
16. eading Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland through the Surrealist Lenses of Anthony Browne
17. Ethic in the Visual Art of Sven Nordqvist
18. Polemics
19. Reviews
20. Authors of „Porównania”