Comparisons, n°10/2012

# Article Title Author
1. Contents
2. Introduction
3. Czesław Miłosz’s Double Perspective on The East and West. His Outlook on Russia and Germany
4. Between Empire and Colony. Miłosz and Dostoyevski
5. Despair and Longing for A Miracle – Miłosz in Opposition to Zdziechowski
6. Czesław Miłosz and Osip Mandelshtam on Word and Culture. Meetings and Dispersions
7. Wat – Russia – Miłosz
8. Landscape and Landscapes in the Poetry of Czesław Miłosz, Friedrich Hölderlin and Johannesa Bobrowski
9. Emigrant about Emigrants. Oskar Miłosz and Josif Brodski’s Flawless Portraits
10. Czesław Milosz and Tomas Venclova’s Discussion on the Past: Tradition as the Foundation of National Belonging and Solidarity
11. Poetry of Footnotes. Czesław Miłosz’s „The Rising Of The Sun”
12. Cultural Influence as a Tradition and a Challenge for Czech, Ukrainian and Polish Comparative Studies
13. On the Reception of Georg Trakl’s Work in Czech Poetry
14. Antipodes of History? „Muza Dalekich Podróży” by Teodor Parnicki and „Lód” by Jacek Dukaj as Two Different Models of Approaching Alternative History
15. A Poet Has a Poet for the Poet… Between the Artistic Freedom and the Intention of an Author
16. “To be a Jew” as a Universal Situation. Victor Klemperer’s Jewish Faculté Maîtresse
17. Sarajevo’s „Reading Primer” by Miljenko Jergović
18. Reviews
19. Overviews, Discussions
20. Authors of „Porównania”