Comparisons, n°11/2012

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1. Contents
2. Variants of geocultural narration (Musealisation practices – postmonarchical patterns of speech)
3. Russia and Central Europe in Symbolic and Literary Geography (Imagological Remarks)
4. Some Remarks on the Work of Stanisław Brzozowski within the Space of Postcolonial Studies
5. Claudio Magris: the Dialectics of Harmony and Disintegration
6. „Pamyat’ dama zabyvchaya“ – the Great Patriotic War: Mythologized or Doomed to Oblivion
7. The Myth of the South as a Counterpoint to the Opposition of East – West and a Basis of the Myth of Central Europe
8. Homelessness Ironically Accepted by Hrabal versus Kundera’s Suppressed Homesickness
9. Towards Non-Place. Thinking in Terms of Space in Ádám Bodor’s World
10. Between Heaven and Earth. Relations between a Human Being and Their Space as a Psychological Element of Bolesław Prus’ Dealings with Contemporaneity
11. The Melancholy of the Borderland Discourse
12. Ostalgia and Non-Reversibility in the Central European Cinema of the Turning Point
13. Literary Topography of the Borderland. The case of Slavonia
14. ”The Sixth Time through Bieszczad”. The Poetic Losses and Nostalgies of Janusz Szuber
15. The Provinces (Hungarian: Vidék) in Chosen Hungarian Feature Films. Social, Political and Historical Aspects
16. Sarajevo – Zagreb – Cracow. On Deserted, Discarded and Refound Places on the Austro-Hungarian Map of Ivo Andrić’s Biography
17. Miklós Jancsó’s Budapest
18. Poznań from a Perspective: Class and Gender as Categories which Shape the Image of a City in Recollection Literature
19. The Spaces of Contestation in the Works of Bohumil Hrabal, Miron Białoszewski and Wolfgang Hilbig
20. Constructing the Psychosocial Space of a Neighbour. The German West and the Russian East in Polish Reportages and Travelling Prose in Recent Years
21. The Art of Blundering. The Literary Travels of Karl Čapek and Sándor Márai
22. (Misty) Places in the Poetry of Paul Celan. Pneumatic Jewishness and Pneumatic Geopoetics
23. (Post)border Urban Narrations. Literary Re-constructions of Jewish Szczecin
24. “Gone Now Are, Gone Are in Poland the Jewish Villages". Nostalgic Myth of Polish-Jewish Relations in the Regional Historiography – Reconnaissance
25. Hungarian Gibraltar and Serbian Athens
26. Józef Mackiewicz and Sects
27. Hobbits at the Gate of Europe. Postmodernist Geopolitics in Artur Klinau’s Novel Pickelhaub
28. Rozwój, sukces, tradycja. Relacja z The American Comparative Literature Association’s 2012 Annual Meeting
29. Reviews
30. Overviews, Discussions
31. Authors of „Porównania”