Comparisons, n°15/2014

# Article Title Author
1. Contents
2. Languages of postcoloniality. Introduction
3. Language(s) of Postcoloniality – History of Postcolonial Studies – An Overview
4. How Peripheries Talk to Each Other, or the Theory of Postcolonialism Without a “Centre”
5. On the Sophistry of a Modern Humanistic Discourse – Traditions, Postcolonial Implications, Consequences
6. Animal as a Subject. On Meta-Strategies of Colonizing the Nature
7. Unwanted Continuity/Wanted Discontinuity. Literary Echoes of the Polish People’s Republic Discourse in the 3rd Republic Reality Marked With Ressentiment of an Oppressed Periphery
8. Wilk in Russia. Subaltern? In Empire?
9. Three Waves of Homosexual Emancipation in Poland
10. Postcolonial Irony. The Language of Political Correctness as a Source of Polish Literary Fiction After 1989
11. In Search of the Lost Country. Some Remarks on the Novel Der Turm (The Tower) by Uwe Tellkamp
12. The Language of Silence? German Travels to Poland After 1989.
13. His Wehrmacht or the Polish-German Language Academy by Janusz Rudnicki in „Książki. Magazyn do czytania”[„Books. A Magazine To Read”].
14. Whose Crisis? Russian Intelligentsia and the Ukrainian Question – Coming to Terms
15. Re-Actualization of the Collective Memory in the Modern Ukrainian Literature
16. Military Narrations in the Ukrainian Popular Novel
17. „Children of the Empire…” – The Postcolonial Character of the Ukrainian Children’s Book and Press Market
18. Identity Closed in Images. On “Leksykon Miast Intymnych” [Intimate Towns Lexicon] by Juriy Andrukhovych
19. Russian-language literature of Belarus: expansion or tradition of multiculturalism?
20. Memory and Oblivion Versus the Jugoslavian Heritage. The Case of Serbian and Croatian Emigrant Literature – Preliminary Diagnosis
21. “Armenian Gravestones”. Sándor Kányádi’s Poetry Towards the Transformation
22. A New Nation on the Baltic Sea? Kashubian Novels by Artur Jabłoński
23. Hüzün – Turkish Melancholy in Orhan Pamuk’s “Stambul”
24. Mad(Dening) Reading: Jacek Gutorow, Wallace Stevens and the Anxiety of Comparative Studies
25. Reviews
26. Overviews, Discussions
27. Authors of „Porównania”