Comparisons nº 30/2021

Brexit and Other Contemporary Socio-Political Crises in European Literature

# Article Title Author
1. Introduction. Brexit and Other Contemporary Socio-Political Crises in European Literature
2. The Crooked Mirrors of the Crisis? Brexit-Related Socio-Political Conflicts and Divisions in Contemporary British and Irish Fiction
3. Northern Soulscapes: Writing through Brexit in the Work of Gerald Dawe, Angela Graham and Dara McAnulty
4. From Unparalleled “Greatness” to Predictable Insularity. A Composite Sketch of “Warped Britishness” as Drawn in Selected Works of Contemporary English Fiction
5. Brexit on Stage: Two Verbatim Projects in Progress
6. Under Irish and Foreign Skies: Home, Migration and Regrexit
7. Private Experience and Public-Spirited Critique: Brexit-Era Britain in the Recent Poetry of Vidyan Ravinthiran and Nicholas Hagger
8. Travelling Europe, Travelling through Crisis: Disintegrated Journeys in Dorota Masłowska’s A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians and Zinnie Harris’s How To Hold Your Breath
9. Are We In This Together?: The Polarisation of the British Society and the Marginalisation of Otherness in Ali Smith’s Seasonal Quartet
10. “Some Corner of a Foreign Field That Is [Not] For Ever England”: Brexit and Poetry
11. The Last Day and Brexit: Delusions of Future Past
12. The Crisis of Brexit and Other Socio-Cultural Aspects of Silencing the Past through the Example of Anna Burns’ "Milkman"
13. In the Labyrinth of Forgetfulness: Charley Grainger’s Joycean Journey in Christine Dwyer Hickey’s "Cold Eye of Heaven"
14. Borderland Anxieties: Brexit, Upper Silesia and Irish Partitions in Recent Novels by Glenn Patterson and Szczepan Twardoch
15. Swan-Eaters: Relative Otherness in the Experience of the Polish Economic Migration to Great Britain After 2004
16. On Value Systems, Commitment and Explaining Poland in Crisis to Germans by Polish-German Writers from Berlin: Brygida Helbig-Mischewski and Emilia Smechowski
17. Radicalisation Tinted by Nationalism or How to Turn a Counterrevolutionary Into a Reactionary: Ingo Schulze's "Die rechtschaffenen Mörder" (The Righteous Murderers) (2020)
18. ‘BrexLit’ in Italian for Children and Adults. "Rosie e gli scoiattoli di St. James" and "La mia Londra" by Simonetta Agnello Hornby
19. Brexit in Italian Contemporary Literature: "Città irreale" (Unreal city) by Cristina Marconi, "Brexit Blues" (Brexit Blues) by Marco Varvello and "La mia Brexit" (My Brexit) by Francesco De Carlo
20. Schiller Wearing a Mask: The Literature of German-Speaking Countries vs. the SARS-COV-2 Pandemic
21. The Languages of the Crisis: Pathographies in the Latest Serbian Literature
22. Viral Hell: Central-European Dystopian Visions of Social Media
22. On the Spirit (of Brexit): With Additional Remarks on the Thymotic Stimulation of the Nation in the Latest Polish Literature