Comparisons, nº31/2022

# Article Title Author
0. Introduction
1. Coal Humanities in the Context of Counterindustrial Energy
2. Restoring the Forest—Restoring the State: An Essay on Forestation
3. The New Eden: The Influence of a Gardener and their Work, a Garden, on the Process of Climate Change
4. Involuntary Reservations: Non-Fictional Literature on the Ecosystem of Nuclear Zones
5. Ecoliterature in the Context of Animal Studies and the Ethical Turn
6. About Bees, Mice and Purgatory. German Language Writing from the Experience of Nature
7. Three Visions of Humanity in Extraterrestrial Ecosystems: Klein, Kosik, Skåden
8. The Art of Looking and Nature Writing: The Representation of Landscape and Nature in Esther Kinsky’s River
9. “The Cat Looks at the Dog Not with Hatred, but Contemptuously”: Čapek’s Remarks on the Animal Mind
10. The Poetics of Heterogeneous Bodies in Contemporary Hungarian Literature
11. The School of Attention and Action: The Relation Between the World of the Child and the Natural Environment in Children’s Magazines Published in the Second Polish Republic on the Example of Płomyk and Płomyczek
12. The Interobjectivity of the Wind in the Prose of Bruno Schulz
13. The Ecoprophetism of Frank Herbert’s Dune
14. Poetry, Art, and the Anthropocene: Susan Schuppli and Kacper Bartczak
15. Polymorphic Perversion of Human and Other-than-Human Bodies
16. When I Fall in Love with Machine: Cultural Identity of the Taiwanese in the Era of New Technology with Regard to the Works of Huang Yi Studio +
17. Socio-Natural Operations in the Diaporama Oaks? by Stefan Wojnecki
18. McPeople and their Predators or about Vampires Going on a Diet
19. The Red Vampires: Cultural Discourse of Lustmörd in the People’s Republic of Poland
20. “Lenins” Within The Time-Space of Russia: Through The Eyes of Polish Travellers
21. Central European Cultural Transfers in the Humanism and Baroque Periods: Three Examples from Literary History
22. Norwid According to Krasiński, or the Disappointment of an Unwelcome Preceptor
23. Postcolonialism in Conflict [review article]
24. Literature Without Borders [review article]