Comparisons, n°5/2008

# Article Title Author
1. The History of Literature in the Context of New Theoretical Proposals
2. An Outline of the Paradigmatic Method in Comparative Research (II)
3. The Value of Cultural Deficiency. The Colonial Syndrome of Mickiewicz’s Work
4. Comparative Literature and Postcolonial Studies – New Posibilities for Comparative Studies?
5. Postcolonialism vs. Central and Eastern Europe
6. The Borderland in the View of Postcolonial Studies
7. Postcolonial Reflections. On the Margin of the Collective Work From Sovietology to Postcolonialisty. Poland and Ukraine from a Postcolonial Perspective
8. Problems with Identity. On the Margin of The Incredibile Slavs
9. Bewitching Central Europe: Geopolitical Space and Contemporary Ukrainian Literature
10. „Balfourian speech” and Anti-colonial Discourse in the Ukrainian Literature of the fin de siècle Period
11. The Colonised Imperialist. On the Russian Paradox on the Example of “Generation “” by V. Pelevin and “Russia under Avalanche” by A. Solzhenitzyn
12. The Appeal of "The Memorial" an International Society. “On the national views of the history” (The 20th century and the “memory war”)
13. Miron Pietrowski’s Master and Margarita in the postcolonial grasp
14. Hybridity. Limits, transformations, prospects
15. Province as centre
16. Metropolis versus province
17. Postmodernizm – A New Russian Interpretation