Comparisons nº 29/2021

Environmental Humanities. Part 1

# Article Title Author
1. Introduction
2. A Breach in Anthropocentrism and Speciesism? Changes in Cultural Consciousness on the Example of the Relationship: Human – Non-human Animal Species in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
3. Romantic “Forges of Nature” from the Ecocritical Perspective
4. Japanese Landscape in Polish Travel Writing in 1880s and 1890s
5. Ecological Themes in the Prose of Modernists
6. Man – Animal – Thing in Władysław Reymont’s The Peasants
7. A Contribution to the Environmental History of Aristocracy on the Example of Zofia Chomętowska
8. A Stick, a Sparrow, a Kettle. The Non-Human Cosmos by Witold Gombrowicz: Between the Pre- and Meta-Pre-Posthumanistic Approach to the Problem
9. The Human and the Non-Human in „Ze života hmyzu" by the Brothers Čapek: Contexts, Scheme, Interpretation
10. The Extermination of Animals and Men: On Tadeusz Śliwiak’s Poemat o miejskiej rzeźni
11. “A River is not the Same as Soil, It will Accept Everything”: A Few Notes on the Environmental Conditions of the Holocaust in Serbia
12. Mass Extinction on Noah’s Ark
13. A New “Poetry of the Anthropocene”? An Attempted Continuation of “Nature Writing” in the Poetry Volumes by Marion Poschmann Nimbus (2020) and Esther Kinsky Schiefern (2020) Taking into Account Heidegger's Existential Ontological Approach: “Put the Being i
14. “I Asked the Dog to Sniff at All my Birth-Marks”: The Child from Donations by Justyna Bargielska
15. Posthumanistic Landscapes in the Prose of Hiromi Kawakami
16. “The Triumph of Vegetation is Total”: a Re-Reading of Michel Houellebecq’s La carte et le territoire from the Perspective of the Environmental Humanities
17. Anthropocenic After-life: Living Machines, Synthetic Biology and the End of Nature
18. Winescape: Local Reinhabitation Narratives (The Case of Zielona Góra)
19. Emphasizing the Borderlands in a Future Central European Educational Programme
20. Explorations in the Search of Answers on Understanding Notion of Interspecies Relations
21. Anthropocene and Capitalocene: In Search of a Fusion of Horizons
22. Pomerania (Over)drawn: The Poetics of the Historic and the Local in the World of Comics
23. Placement and Displacement: Questions of ‘Contextual’ Mickiewiczology
24. “The Gaps in History Need to be Closed and, Above All, Described”: Hungarian Literature on the Holocaust between 1944–1948
25. A Territorial History of Central European Literature as a Literary and Cultural Legacy of the Habsburg Monarchy
26. A Re-run of Bad Presence: Polish Independent Literature in the Central European Perspective
27. Gratitude and Warning? Methodological Considerations on a New Attempt to Balance the Historiography of the People’s Republic of Poland