A New “Poetry of the Anthropocene”? An Attempted Continuation of “Nature Writing” in the Poetry Volumes by Marion Poschmann Nimbus (2020) and Esther Kinsky Schiefern (2020) Taking into Account Heidegger's Existential Ontological Approach: “Put the Being i

Stephan Wolting

The following article deals with the presentation of the fundamentals of the relatively young conception of mature writing within the contemporary German-language literature using the examples of two volumes of poetry by Marion Poschmann Nimbus and Esther Kinsky´s Schiefern. The question is to what extent a further development of „writing from experience of nature“ can be observed in these works. Within the reading proposed here, the focus of interest is less the concept of nature than a form of the concept of being, which is based on Heideggers´s existential ontology. Finally, the question is examined, whether it is really a new „poetry of the Anthropocene“, as has been claimed for Poschmann´s work.

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