Comparisons, n°8/2011

# Article Title Author
1. Contents
2. On Writing History
3. The Peculiarities of the Central European Literary Space. Ironic Moralists and Ludic Thinkers
4. Central Europe and European Nature of Russia
5. Central Europe as an Artistic Category. Neurosis and Sensitivity
6. Women History and History of Sex. Karin Hausen Researches on the History of Sexual Order
7. Female Directors not Welcome. History of the Cinema in Eastern Europe
8. Politiki Kouzina – The Alternative Title Covered Up Very Controversial Subjects
9. Moses and the Others. The Response to the Revolution 1905–1907 in the Polish and the Ukrainian Literature
10. The Holocaust Portrayed In The Novel Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman
11. Necessary Lands – Necessarily Lost, or What Does the Polish Post-War Epic Need Ukraine for?
12. Poems from Under the Dark Sky. Geopoetics of Tschernowitz snd Sadogóra
13. Operation of Alchemical Writing – about Michael Sendivogius’ Treaties
14. Hypertext and Intertextuality. Affinities and Discordances
15. Reviews
16. Overviews, Discussions
17. Authors of „Porównania”