English Archive

The English-language archive of „Porównania” is a collection of chosen texts published in the past years in our journal and translated to English. The authors who have been published in the archive mostly constitute the middle and the younger generations of Polish researchers and represent a number of different academic institutions. Their papers refer to important and widely debated issues in Poland such as the state of the postcolonial awareness and culture, cognitive and ethical problems for comparative research, historiography, memory and post-communism. The archive is an attempt at presenting a part of the Polish humanities research which is developing at a fast pace and addresses the newest trends in European and world humanities research.

Article Title Type Size
2.Lidia Wisniewska [pdf] [305 KB]
3.Michal Kuziak [pdf] [278 KB]
4.Pawel Wolski [pdf] [513 KB]
5.Dorota Kolodziejczyk [pdf] [496 KB]
6.Dobrochna Dabert [pdf] [321 KB]
7.Michal Kierzkowski [pdf] [360 KB]
8.Urszula Gorska [pdf] [283 KB]
9.Dariusz Skorczewski [pdf] [273 KB]
10.Magdalena Koch [pdf] [385 KB]
11.Agnieszka Matusiak [pdf] [494 KB]
12.Emilia Kledzik [pdf] [304 KB]
13.Boguslaw Bakula [pdf] [499 KB]
14.Mariusz Pisarski [pdf] [455 KB]
15.Hanna Grzeszczuk Brendel [pdf] [322 KB]
16. Dorota Kolodziejczyk [pdf] [8.7 MB]
17. Anna Gawarecka [pdf] [6 MB]
18. Jacek Nowakowski [pdf] [7.3 MB]
19. Piotr Dobrowolski [pdf] [7.5 MB]
20. Blazej Warkocki [pdf] [7.6 MB]
21. Lenka Nemeth Vitova [pdf] [7.9 MB]
22. Sylwia Nowak Bajcar [pdf] [9.8 MB]
23. Dobrochna Dabert [pdf] [8.6 MB]
24. Tomasz Derlatka [pdf] [6.8 MB]
25. Kinga Piotrowiak Junkiert [pdf] [6.4 MB]
26. Marek Wedemann [pdf] [7.2 MB]
27. Agnieszka Czyzak [pdf] [7.6 MB]
28. Zbigniew Kopec [pdf] [6.9 MB]
29. Agata Stankowska [pdf] [8.2 MB]
30. Eliza Grzelak [pdf] [7.6 MB]
31. Joanna Grzelak Piaskowska Emilia Kledzik [pdf] [7.3 MB]
32. Elzbieta Nowikiewicz [pdf] [9.6 MB]
33. Hanna Mamzer [pdf] [11 MB]
34. Ryszard K. Przybylski [pdf] [7.1 MB]
35. Danuta Sosnowska [pdf] [7.6 MB]