Comparisons, n°12/2013

# Article Title Author
1. Contents
2. Ponowny powrót przestrzeni
3. Orientalism and Postcolonial Discourse: Couple Methodological Problems
4. An Attempt at Defining and Ordering Meanings Related to Geopoetics
5. Lithuania and Identity. Miłosz and Miłosz about the Need of “a Defined Place on Earth”
6. Micro-Stories of German Speaking Inhabitants of the Poznań Province and Geopolitics
7. Post-Dependent Patriotic Narratives in Selected
8. Vilnius as a Non-Nostalgic Project. Lithuanian Prose Towards Multiculturalism and the Metaphor of the Palimpsest Character of Vilnius
9. Topography of Nostalgia as Topography of Identity (Based on the Works of Dubravka Ugrešić and Pavao Pavličić)
10. Resisting Non-Existence. Miljenko Jergović’s Ruta Tennenbaum as a Posttraumatic Narrative
11. Figures of Political Incorectness – Sociopolitical Myths and Symbols in Miodrag Bulatović’s Work
12. Galician Space in the Prague Space. Czech Essays by Honorata z Wiśniowskich Zapová about Hutsuls and Ruthenians from the Area of the River Prut
13. “Galician California” in the Prose of Ivan Franko
14. Wineta – the Literary “Lost Space” of the Western Slavs? Reflections on the Selected Examples from the West Slavic Literatures
15. The Land of the Ancestors. West Pomerania (Vorpommern/ Zaodrze) in Kashubian Literature
16. The Discourse of Masculinity in Ukrainian Literature of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Selected Aspects of Research Project
17. Women and Feminity in the Floating World (Ukiyo): Between Reality and Artistic Vision (Based on the Kabuki Theatre and Woodblock Prints Ukiyo-e).
18. Paratactic Poetics. On the Incongruency of Author and Work Intention in Kurt Schwitters’ Literary Oeuvre
19. Reviews
20. Overviews, Discussions
21. Comparative Studies Congress
22. Books received
23. Authors of „Porównania”