Comparisons, n°27/2020

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1. Foreword. Literature of Central Europe in the New Millennium
2. 1956, 1968, 1981: The Faces of Central-European Memory: A Postcolonial Perspective
3. Beyond the Battlefields of Memory: Historical Traumas and Hungarian Literature
4. Returning to the Past: The Germans as a Historical Trauma in Contemporary Czech Prose
5. Memory and History: A Comparison of the Past in Slovak Prose of the Post-2000 Period
6. The Image of the Czech Past in the Contemporary Docudrama
7. Hungarian Stories of the Regime Change: Voices and Perspectives
8. Literature and Geography
9. Constructing Polish Heteroimage in the Interwar Novels of the Wider Ostrava Region: A Comparative Czech-German Study
10. The Figure of Ophelia in Expressionist Poetry: German and Czech Comparison
11. The Networks of Consecration: The Journey of Magda Szabó and László Krasznahorkai’s International Reputation
12. Contemporary Hungarian Women’s Writing and Cosmopolitanism
13. On Fields of Bones, Headsmen and Madonnas: The Symbols and Figures of Central Europe in the Past 25 Years of Jáchym Topol’s Writing
14. Czech Literary Culture in the Post-Digital Era
15. Literary Internet: Online Criticism and Literary Communication
16. Temporalities—Technologies—Transgressions: On Contemporary Slovak Poetry
17. Changing the World Through Poetry: Confessions, Poems and Banners of Adam Borzič