Comparisons, n°17/2015

# Article Title Author
1. Contents
2. Ethical and Political Qualities of Epideictic Rhetoric in Ancient Greece
3. Not only Humour for the Czechs, or in Other Words, Identity Problems
4. Hodrová, Urban, Macura – a Postmodern Look at the Czech National Myth
5. Reinventing the Sudetenland in the Czech Literature after 1989
6. Emancipatory Processes of the Sci-Fi Film in Post-war Czechoslovakia and its Repercussions in Lem. An Introductiory Investigation
7. Architecture in the Period of Postcolonialism
8. The Past or the Future – Dilemmas with Monuments in the Times of Postcolonialism
9. About a New Creation of Monuments – in Search of Non-existent Vision of Past in Central-Eastern Europe
10. Material Traces of Past Dependency and its Present Reading in the Urban Space of Szczecin
11. Until it Is no Longer There
12. Tactilism in the Cinematographic Work of Jan Švankmajer
13. Dicta Hermetis in Manuscript of Biernat from Lublin
14. The Kabballah Philosophy as the Core of the Plot Dimension in S. An-sky’s Drama Between Two Worlds (The Dybbuk)
15. Mythologising the Topos of the Banquet in Castle Rackrent by Maria Edgeworth and Pan Chalawski by Hryhorij Kvitka-Osnowjanenko
16. Powieść o Yexian jako punkt przecięcia uniwersalnych algorytmów tematycznych
17. Kusnira - Postcolonial Studies in Slovakia and Hungary
18. Reviews
19. Descriptions
20. Authors of „Porównania”