Dicta Hermetis in Manuscript of Biernat from Lublin

Tomasz Sójka

This publication is the effect of research on the hermetic tradition and the beginning of the Polish humanism. It examines the textual content of the first of the three parts of the manuscript PAN No 1717 from Cracow, in which Biernat of Lublin wrote down selected fragments of hermetic writings. The article shows conclusions that appear on different stages of the philological analysis. The inter pretative procedure focuses on fundamental hermetic issues. It indicates dominant topics that were chosen and copied into the manuscript or purposely omitted by Biernat of Lublin. Moreover, it combines selected editions of hermetic writings, compares specific fragments, sentences and words (dicta Hermetis). This exegesis also reveals the philosophical tradition that influenced the way of reading by Biernat of Lublin.

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