Reinventing the Sudetenland in the Czech Literature after 1989

Lenka Németh-Vítová

The article deals with the problem of brooding over the history of the Sudetenland in the new Czech literature: novels Grandhotel (2006) by Jaroslav Rudiš, Peníze pro Hitlera (Money for Hitler, 2006) by Radka Denemarková and Habermannův mlýn (Habermann ́s mill, 2001) by Josef Urban. Writers, by using inter alia mythologization, fictionalization and narration inspired by real history, are trying to restore the “polyphony of a memory” of the space. In literature on Sudetenland, temporality, continuity and memory significantly form that space, so that they are joined with the spaciality in one, indivisible unity.

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