Poznań from a Perspective: Class and Gender as Categories which Shape the Image of a City in Recollection Literature

Magdalena Bednarek

The aim of the article is to present gender and class as two categories that determine the double portrait (of the city and of the self) as observed in the interwar memoirs about Poznan. As it turns out, they play a pivotal part in description of the shape of the city, its size and the organisation of its space; they also arrange the way the self is situated within the city space. The main texts analysed in the article are two books by Z. Zakrzewski: Przechadzki po Poznaniu lat międzywojennych, Ulicami mojego Poznania. Przechadzki z lat 1918–1939 and M. Rataj’s Grzeszne miasto. Other important works used as contexts are memoirs of P. Cegielska, A. Łuczak, M. Motte, T. Szulc, J. Waldorff, M. Fornalska, A. Scheffel and S. Grzesiuk.

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