The Scarlet Clown or about Mimicry and Strategies ud Un/Covering Totalitarianism

Sylwia Nowak-Bajcar

Authors of the modernism and the avant-garde willingly used the figure of the clown assessing a situation of the artist, balancing between the life and the death, the fall and the ascent, the sky and the hell, between the good and evil. The mask of the clown as the sign of the membership of authors and the art in other order, she protected from consequences of overstepping the taboo, but also became a symbolic exemplification of tragic existence (solitudes) of the artist and the decline in the culture in modern world (Jung 489–496, Starobinsky 308–323, Bachtin 366–375). The novel  (Scarlet clown) from 1991 of the Serbian writer Boba Blagojević taking discussion about the human condition, the power and the homeland and entangling the art and the ideology will become a point of departure for reflecion on methods of masking and unmasking the subject of the titoist repression used by Yugoslav intellectals to the end of the eighties of the 20th century.

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