Operation of Alchemical Writing – about Michael Sendivogius’ Treaties

Sójka, Tomasz

Alchemical writing occurs as an intricate labyrinth of significances. Its sense among numerous symbols, metaphors and poetic visions seems to be elusive. In presented article I propose to approach the alchemical matter contained in Michael Sendivogius’ treaties by pointing a few principal functions of alchemical writing: writing as a “help”, as an “admonition”, as an “imitation” of nature’s power, as an act of “joining” oppositions. The last fifth function – “unsolvability” – emphasises dynamic character of alchemical matter. Such interpretation does not aspire to reveal one holistic sense of alchemical writing, but draws out its consecutive aspects, elucidates sense from various perspectives. It turns out that alchemical writing – though obscure and knotty – is a precisely edified expression, rhetorically controlled, with legible philosophical background. Its operation not only rest on describing indefinite mystery. Alchemical writing as a verbal transaction, a verbal procedure or a verbal event engages in concrete range of science, philosophy and art.

ISSN: 1733-165X

ISSN: 1733-165X
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