What History Central Europe Needs? A Chances of the Oral History

Kierzkowski, Michał

In my article I consider the necessity of distinct means of historical research in the Middle-East Europe. My analysis is divided into two parts. The firts part is a presentation of a contention between different Western and Eastern approaches to own past. To illustarte this issue I give two examples – firts one relating to historical sphere, second one relating to social and cultural sphere of reality. These two perspective constitute a justification of a title question and attempt to answer. The second part is a proposition of answer. Here, considering few methodological and theoretical problems raised by Polish researchers, I am trying to find inside these problems an adaptation for oral history as a research method which gains more and more interests. By using some general issues as cultural memory, historical education or historical policy, I concentrate on a peculiarity of contemporary history of the Middle-East Europe. To illustrate my considerations on chances and possibilities of oral history, I refer to some projects from post communistic countries.

ISSN: 1733-165X

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