Woman’s Issues in Czech-Slovak Film Reflection after 1989

Dabert, Dobrochna

The text constitutes a recapitulation of the filmographic reflection in the Czech Republic and Slovakia of the so called ženska otázka (women’s issue). The feminist and gender thought appeared in public and scientific reflection only after the Velvet Revolution encountering a moderate and uninvolved reaction from the scientific and artistic societies. The women’s issue in the Czech and Slovak cinema, which had been till that moment fairly undescribed, represents an early stage of academic feminism. Czech and Slovak women’s studies focus on gathering knowledge about history, culture and social and political life of women. The discourse includes the analysis of the picture of women mostly in early cinema, reflection on the category of womanhood, its specificity and changes it has undergone in the historical process. In the mean time, female film directors are playing a greater role in the achievements of the Czech Republic and Slovakia’s cinematography. The contemporary women’s cinema is a work of art that is visibly distinguishable quantitatively and qualitatively. It is an underexplored field in Czech and Slovak film thought that is characterized by its feministic and gender approach.

ISSN: 1733-165X

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