Social and Cultural Relationships between Poland and Georgia in XV–XVIIIth C

Occheli, Wiera

The article presents a concise history of Georgian-Polish relationships from XV to XIX century in the context of the relationship between Georgia and Europe underscoring the role of travel literature and political accounts. Since XV century Poland and Georgia took part in political and military coalitions against Muslim Turkey which threatened both countries during XV– XVIII centuries. The author underscores the importance of trade and cultural relationships. Prince M. Radziwi-Sierotka’s accounts in Polish travel literature are important for getting to know Georgia. The influence of Slavic literature is noted in Georgian poetry in XVIII century, especially the works of Mamuk Barataszwili and David Guramiszwili.

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6 16 Occheli W. Spoleczne i kulturalne stosunki Polski i Gruzji [pdf] [60 KB]