In Search of a Polish-Ukrainian Dialogue: Conditions and Public-Level Talks from 1946 untill 1989

Schlott, Wolfgang

The article presents the development of the political and historical dialogue of the Polish and Ukrainian exile during 1945–1989. The exiles of both nations, comprised mainly of political, military and cultural elite, faced a historical necessity of giving up the recent discord in the context of the ruthless world war II conflict and beginning to influence the policy of Western countries together. This venture was not successful, however, some valuable initiatives undertaken by a few Polish and Ukrainian circles today constitutes positive Polish-Ukrainian dialogue tradition in the conditions of democracy after 1989. The society that gathered around „Kultura” in Paris and Ukrainian emigrant journals „Suczasnist`”, „Widnowa” were the ones to undertake this initiative. „Kultura” under J. Giedroyc initiated political declarations of parts of emigrant societies, including Polish-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Russian societies. These declarations constituted turning points in the psychological attitudes of emigrant circles distrustful towards one another. The above mentioned initiatives of „Kultura” also influenced the changes towards the Ukrainian problem in Poland especially in the 80s when the underground Solidarity groups began to seek possibilities for dialogue with neighboring states suffering the same Soviet occupation.

ISSN: 1733-165X

ISSN: 1733-165X
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