“Entangled in Violence”. Žensko Pismo – Emancipatory and Critical Discourse from the Postcolonial Perspective

Czapik-Lityńska, Barbara

The article describes chosen Yugoslavian and post-Yugoslavian texts ženskog pisma – women's postmodern literature. Early écriture feminine works revealed matters of woman's body and position in the patriarchal world of male culture. Emancipatory attitudinal narrations soon transformed into critical emancipatory discourse rooted in postmodern theories (Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Culural Criticism, Postcolonial Studies, Subaltern Studies) interpreting various aspects of pressure, repression, bodily and ideological violence. The end of Yugoslavia, the civil war, the ethnic cleansings and the rapes on women resulted in the inclusion of the postcolonial perspective into the attitudinal cultural narrations. Owing to this, the analysis of violence encapsulates new issues such as: totalitarism, nationalism, war crimes and victims. The cognitive interpretative horizon not only includes colonisation strategies and enslavement of the mentality by the totalitarian system of sovietisation but also the hegemony of Western Europe for which the Balkans and Central-East Europe have always been the Other. The authors bring back historical memory, reach the “white spots”, call for a new, responsible, independent and ethical entity that would be able to stand up to the expansive and dominant colonial mind.

ISSN: 1733-165X

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