Ryszard Bartnik

Dr hab. Ryszard Bartnik works as a tenured professor at Adam Mickiewicz University, in Poznań (Department of Literary Studies and Literary Linguistics). As a teacher and academic, with expertise in the area of contemporary British/English/Northern Irish fiction, he specializes in studying correlations between novelistic writing and socio-political narratives. He is particularly interested in literary thematizations of such phenomena as "trauma”, "memory," "violence," "reconciliation," "divided societies" or "fundamentalist thought/ideology." His very recent book, published in 2017, was devoted to post-apartheid South African and post-Troubles Northern Irish literary narratives, and the ways their authors tried to discuss/heal the wounds of the divisive past. Dr Bartnik's current scholarly interests have been slightly shifted to focus on how British "new journalism," literary (non-)fiction, or socio-political discourse attempt to tackle the question/problem of Brexit.

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