„A Narcissist Without a Face?” Postcolonial Countenances of Danilo Kiš

Sylwia Nowak-Bajcar

Both in the days of Yugoslavia as well as after its collapse commitment has become the key category for reading Danilo Kiš’s works. It is exactly the category of the ethical commitment that became the point of reference of discussions about the writer associated with the existence of postmodernism in Serbia. It is also the same category that established Kiš’s status as one of the most noted writers of Central and Eastern Europe. The history of attacks on Kiš will be supplemented with the newest postcolonial reinterpretations of his achievements initiated from the position of „commitment”. The presented ways of using Kiš’s image and his artistic work confirm the Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s thesis that ethical purpose of postcolonial research is in fact „experiencing the impossible”.

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