Contemporary Belorussian poetry. Philosophy and politics. Tradition and innovation.

Džundová, Ivana

The article describes the state of modern Belorussian poetry. It focuses on tradition and innovative tendencies that appear in modern poetry, which react not only to subjective pursuit of truth but also to social and political  situation in the country, both at present and in historical retrospect. In this connection, basic topical tendencies are outlined by means of extracts from poems by authors from various generations and their interpretations, with some examples of these tendencies being the language  issue, national identity, relations with neighbouring nations as well as more traditional topics like the pursuit of God, truth and love, etc. The national and political situation is characterized in poems by representatives of the older generation – Nil Hilevich and Ryhor Baradulin. The foundation of philosophical perception of the world is represented in the sample by extracts from works by Ales Razanau, while the combination of both topics is to be found in poems by Leanid Dranko-Maysyuk. Traditional poetry is represented by creative works of Hilevich, Baradulin and Dranko-Maysyuk, while innovative tendencies in modern Belorussian poetry are embodied in the poetry of Razanau and Andrey Chadanovich, the latter being the youngest author from those chosen for the research. The interpretative view on extracts from poetry by these authors forms a framework view on the fundamental topical line in modern Belorussian literature and outline the Belorussian perception of reality in the spirit of statehood and subjective experience.

ISSN: 1733-165X

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