Metafora transcendentalna jako zgłębienie rzeczywistości

Kuzmina, Irina

The article concerns the crucial role of language in the creation of the character?s identity. This issue is analysed by the author on the basis of the Russian writer Tatiana Tolstoj?s short stories. In the works of T. Tolstoj the idiosyncratic language of the character, price full of surprising metaphors, repetitions and syntactic innovations creates the prose style named ornamental prose by H. Goscilo. According to the author of the article, the metaphor plays a special role in Tolstoj?s short stories. The short story becomes subordinate to one superior metaphor accompanied by a number of subsidiary metaphors. By means of applying the metaphor that transcendents the reality, Tolstoj?s realistic prose becomes deeply emotional and presentsunexpected and unknown aspects of Russian reality.

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