What Does “Burliuk’s eye” See? Literary Translation as a Perceptual Event

Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz

The article discusses the problems of artistic representation of the monocular perception in David Burliuk’s cubo-futurist works characterised as the effect of the “spell cast by Burliuk’s dead eye” by Velimir Khlebnikov. The comparative analysis of the sensual poetics of Burliuk’s poetic miniature Kartina [A Picture] (1932) and its Polish translation by Edward Balcerzan (1967) embraces several aspects: the linguistic-stylistic representation of subjective perceptual experience, literary
thematisation of human corporeality, in-text indicators of the translator’s creative activity, the translational transformation of perceptual experience and, finally, the sensory perception of a literary work in source and target cultures. 

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