The initial phase of the peregrination of Vazul’s sons through the courts of Central and Eastern Europe

Morgiel, Krzysztof

After the death of the Hungarian prince, son of Stephen I, Emeric, there was an uncertain situation with the succession to the Hungarian Throne. Prince Vasul, from one of the side branches of the Arpad family, was one of the candidates. He was blinded and his sons, Andrew, Bela and Levente, had to flee the kingdom. There is no way to determine the exact year of it, but probably between 1035 and 1038. After they ran away, the brothers went to Bohemia where they stayed until ca. 1039, when – according to the hypothesis presented in the article – they went to the ruler of the empire, emperor Conrad II or (as it happened in the next part of the same year) king Henry III, where they sought help with the accession to the Hungarian Throne. There they also met the exiled Polish prince Casimir, with whom they went to Poland as their efforts turned out to be fruitless.

ISSN: 1733-165X

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