Great Moravia basis of the Central European medieval historical tradition

Grzesik, Ryszard

I would like to present the role of the Great-Moravian state in the creation of the historical tradition of some Central European states. I will show it using the medieval chronicles (as Gesta  of the Anonymous Notary, Kéza’s and the  Chronicle Composition of the 14th century; Priest of Duklja, Christian and Cosmas of Prague,  Povest’ vremennykh let). I think that several motifs reflected the events from the Great-Moravian political and cultural history and they were used as the legitimization factor of dynastical and “national” power in Central and East Europe. It were e.g. the fights of the Hungarian conquerors with the local rulers, the colloquium in Duklja, the baptism of the Czechs and the creation of the Slavic literature (Povest’ o prelozhenii knig).

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