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Comparisons, n°21/2016

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1 Contents Redakcja
2 Imagology: On Using Ethnicity To Make Sense Of The World. Joep Leerssen
3 “Dziewczyna z szafy“ By Bodo Kox: Psychosocial Disability In The Poetics Of Magical Realism.  Dorota Kołodziejczyk
4 Barbarians And Nomads. Fantasies And Phobias. Lajos Pálfalvi
5 Martin Heidegger And The Phenomenological-Hermeneutic Notion Of Discourse. Michał Januszkiewicz
6 The Lack Of Memory About Multiculturalism In The Literature On The Settlement To The Western Lands Of Poland.  Kamila Gieba
7 Borders Of Nature. The Nature Of The Polish-German Border In The Perspective Of Imagology.  Małgorzata Praczyk
8 Sarmatism – An Unfinished Project?  Tomasz Nakoneczny
9 Paranoia And Sadism Of The Institution. On Witold Gombrowicz´s “Banquet At Countess Kotłubaj´s”. Błażej Warkocki
10 The Depictions Of Animal Suffering In The Newest Polish And Russian Women’s Poetry.  Agnieszka Kwiatkowska
11 Obviousness Of Exclusion? Images Of Gypsies In Contemporary Czech Literature.  Anna Gawarecka
12 Idea Stereotypes In And Of Images Of Slovakia In The Czech Poetry Of 1860–1939. Dalibor Tureček
13 The Image Of India In 19th-Century Slovak Literature.  Róbert Gáfrik
14 A Cult Poet vs. The Cult Of A Poet. Shevchenko’s Portrait In Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s “My Stumbling Speech In Kyiv”. Jewhenia Wołoszczuk
15 Ethnic Images And National Stereotypes In The Fantasy-Novel Gonitwa By Nicky Rakitina And The Action-Packed Novel Good Angel Of Death By Andrey Kurkov. Siergiej Kowalow
16 Russian, Jewish Or Human? Jewish Mystical Thought In The Poetry Of Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava.  Katarzyna Anna Kornacka-Sareło
17 Boxer Or Bandit: The Ethical Image Of The Fighting Body In The Holocaust Literature.  Paweł Wolski
18 The Remains Of The Letters. Three Reading Paradigms In The Ghettos.  Joanna Roszak
19 Our – Your Holocaust. Mizrachi Authors Of The Third Post-Holocaust Generation Toward Polish Landscapes.  Jagoda Budzik
20 Gothic Fielding? Philip James De Loutherbourg’s Tom Jones.  Jakub Lipski
21 What Do Pupils’ Parents Think About School Segregation? Jurina Rusnáková, Július Rusnák, Rastislav Rosinský, Alena Rochovská, Barbora Odrášková,
22 Polemics Redakcja
23 Reviews Redakcja
24 Omówienia Redakcja
25 Authors of “Porównania” Redakcja