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Start Archive Comparisons, n°4/2007
Comparisons, n°4/2007

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1 An Outline of the Paradigmatic Method in Comparative Studies (I) Wiśniewska, Lidia
2 The Ukrainian Cinema of the 1990s. In Search for Identity Matusiak, Agnieszka
3 Romanian Melancholy – Thoughts on the Romanian Cinema Kulig, Agnieszka
4 The Russian National Identity versus the Modernisation of the Literature Nakoneczny, Tomasz
5 Ressentiment in the Postcolonial Perspective. The Ukrainian Case Gundurowa, Tamara
6 Reconstructions and Destructions of History in the Polish Cinema after 1989 Dabert, Dobrochna
7 The Urban Area and the Breakthrough. Tadeusz Konwicki’s „Czytadło”, Christa Wolf’s „Aż do trzewi” Kledzik, Emilia
8 Polish Comedy after 1989 versus Great Myths and Sins of the Past Talarczyk-Gubała, Monika
9 On Overcoming the Socialist Past of East Germany and „the Breakthrough” in the German Film Trepte, Hans-Christian
10 On the New Historic-Literery Paradigm, History, Canon and Literature Researches Janoušek, Pavel
11 Metacomparison. Comparative Studies as a Self-Feedback Wolski, Paweł
12 Transcendental Metaphor as a Means of Phantoming the Reality Kuzmina, Irina
13 The Comparative Cultural Studies of Steven Tötösy in the Central European Context Lisiak, Agata
14 Comparative Studies at the Crossroads? Kuziak, Michał
15 Two Backward Glances. Communism in Reflections on the Romanian Film Bartnicka, Iwona
16 Czech and Slovak Tradition of Interliterariness in the Context of Contemporary Comparative Studies (Assumptions and Ideological Sources of the Chrestomathy “The Concept of Interliterariness in Comparative Literature”) Zelenka, Miloš
17 The Myth and the Poetics of the City in Daniela Hodorova’s Work Gawarecka, Anna